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Buying or selling property can be a daunting task involving several crucial decisions. Deepak hand-holds you through the whole process, and with his market expertise, lands you a profitable deal. With a crew of highly-skilled experts at Team06, Deepak Kumar is not only equipped with the latest market trends, but he also works with local communities to get you the best there is. The highly motivated workforce at Team06 is equipped with the latest technological and information tools to deliver results par excellence. Investing in a property whether commercial or residential, is probably the riskiest financial decision you take. A well-thought out move can be facilitated by Team06 subject matter experts to ensure we handle your expectations and financials profitably.

Team06’s role in addressing your buying needs includes the following:


The Team06 real estate experts will assist in zeroing in on a property of your choice and budget. S/he will counsel and give you a realistic perspective on the future prospects of each shortlisted property. With her/his knowledge and projection of the market, the Team06 realtor will also guide you on the appropriate timing of buying / selling the property, if you so wish to.


When you zero in on a property you would like to buy, the Team06 realtor will guide you in making a deposit, and ensuring the safety of your deposit. The deposit with the owner is a surety that the property is not sold to someone else. It becomes a part of the down payment once the deal is complete.


This is generally 5% to 20% of the cost. However, an initial payment of up to 25% will help avoid mortgage loan insurance, which will reduce your overall cost. Team06 realtors guide to make the most financially viable choice.

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