Team 06 : Marketing-team

Team06 helps make your property visible in the market for sale, purchase or rent. With our pulse on the latest market trends, we guarantee the best price for your investment. We offer a variety of tools at your disposal to assist your efforts. The Team06 marketing mantra involves showcasing the key features of a property for sale, shortlisting the most viable options for buyers or people looking for rented accommodations.

Multiple Listing Service (M.L.S.)

A multiple listing service is an online database that lists residential and commercial properties available for sale / purchase / rent. As your realtor, Team06 will analyze the MLS and filter prospective buyers / sellers, to narrow down properties by location, price, amenities, square footage, ethnic diversity etc.

Creating a Website of Your Property Address:

The creative specialists in Team06 will make your property more visible and accessible to potential buyers on the internet. Team06 will have an exclusive website designed to highlight key aspects like area, location and the amenities of the property. Exquisite photography of the interiors and exteriors of the property will up the game in attracting the perfect buyer. The website will also have the option of uploading virtual tours of the property.

Fliers & Brochures

Team06 will design and distribute informational fliers or brochures which typically show a photo of the exterior of the property as well as selective inside shots. This one-page feature-sheet will contain the seller’s contact information, the asking price, or the price per square foot.

Real Estate Publications and Newspaper Ads

To market a property effectively, Team06 can help advertise in newspapers and publications with a good reach. Be it a simple line ad, or an elaborate half-page color ad that features photographs, a company logo, relevant contact information – Team06 does it all in the most cost-effective way possible.


Need to grab the attention of prospective buyers simply driving through your neighborhood or commercial district? Team06 will ensure a prominent signage does the job - whether in front of a house or on top of a business building! The signage will make it easy for prospective buyers to reach you.


Team06 experts will organize an open-house to be held for the general buying public or for real estate agents. An open-house allows prospective buyers to tour your property in person, meet with the seller and ask questions. An open-house held just for real estate agents allows the seller to provide information about the property to a number of agents having clients interested in the property. Our experts can manage the event without you having to handle too many queries.

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