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Migrating and relocating for study or work to an altogether new country can be stressful and overwhelming. Very often students and/or new immigrants land themselves in Canada with dreams but are completely clueless on how to get to their university, college or work-place. The greatest anxiety is where to put your bags down and fearlessly take on the challenges of a new place. Acclimatization takes time and the smallest of ill-thought informed decisions may entail unwarranted difficulties and expenses in the first few days of life in Canada.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Team06 is the proverbial helping hand that assists you in finding a roof over your head and helps you find a home within your budget. Team06 connects with you online even before you set foot in Canada, already working on a list of rental or buying options for you. We proactively work to smoothen transactions, overcome legal and financial hurdles and demystify the Canadian experience.

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