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Team 06 associate team of lawyers and Real Estate experts provide legal guidance and help you seal the deal after you have made your buying, selling or renting decisions. Team06 has a team of professional lawyers with vast domain experience ensuring your contracts are legally sound and secure, help you avoid pitfalls and sign off deals smoothly.

Briefly, Team06 performs the following functions and steps for you:

  • When clients consider purchasing a house, Team06 lawyers make sure it is free of liens and any other impediments that might prevent the clients from becoming the legal owners of the real estate.
  • Team06 lawyers obtain title insurance for the client and then review any papers that need to be signed. These tasks save the client time and effort, facilitating hassle-free purchase of property.
  • Team06 does a thorough background verification and due diligence of the property in question and keep our clients well-informed of any legal challenges that might be present. For instance, conducting due diligence on who owns the land on which a property sits, or, the existence of any ownership disputes of the property after the present owner passes away.
  • Once the title is clear, Team06 prepares and reviews documents relating to the real estate such as purchase-agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents.
  • Team06 ensures that the transfer is legally binding and in the best interest of the client we represent.
  • Team06 explains the terms to the client before any transactions are made, because property law can be difficult to understand without sound guidance.
  • We negotiate the terms of the sale, solve issues with the title and prepare the deed. A Team06 lawyer will also be present at the deal-closure to look over and explain any papers the parties to the contract must sign
  • Team06 finalizes payment terms, including taxes and closing costs after which completion of the transaction will take place.
  • Team06 ensures stress-free handling of deal-closure, handles transfer of funds for the purchase or sale, and transfer of the title.

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